Just One Day


Just One Day by Gayle Forman shows us how sometimes in order to get found, you first have to get lost…and how ofter the people we are seeking are much closer than we know.

My own version of that just one day happened almost a year ago-16 months to be exact. I did try to be brave like Alysson but when things aren’t meant to be you just have to be brave in another way like throwing those lil piece of information you have written in a glass of water.

There’s a lot of way- meaning on how to be brave. If it’s still there-the feelings, maybe stop and wait for things to happen.

If it’s meant to be, it will happen. What matters most is- you’re still fighting to be alive and not be consumed by a one day love affair.

Remember that you both have to be brave.

makami ♥



I didn’t want to feel this way but it’s defeating me. I don’t want to confuse “solitude” and “loneliness” but I am confusing myself.

Changes indeed are kind of difficult to deal with but it happens and will always exist like ‘mornings’ and you have to slip from comfort of your blanket because you are human- you have to be alive,  you have to fight, survive and tell me, is it true that people always leave?

12014 Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

  • From the book Extremely loud and incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer.

Accept that you have changed my friend and I have to change too.

Accept that you have changed my friend and I have to change too.-mkm

Why did not I learn to treat everything like it was the last time, my greatest regret is how much I believed in the future.”

I chose to read this because it was the only thin book available on my table and January’s soon ending and my aim is to finish at least one book this month; been busy after I finished my last book last year. Anyway, from the title alone the topic of this book is extremely loud indeed, it is heavy, incredibly close to everyone’s heart-



9 year old son

a widow


From the statement above I was reminded of one the few notes I wrote on my journal or my caption on one of my selfie picture on instgram :) yay.

“Carpe Diem, to be happy is NOW. “I’ll be happy someday” is wrong because you’re not even sure if that someday will ever come.”


From the book:

So many enter and leave your life! Hundreds and thousands of people! You have to keep the door open so they can come in! But it also means you have to let them go!

“You can’t protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.”





I am thinking of reading a love story this February <3

2014 and Twenty Six

I believe it’s not too late to post my 2014 guideline, review, note etc. On the 1st day of January while on a road trip with friends from Palm Springs going home to L.A I have figured out or thought of this “my choice, my only choice is to be strong.” I am thankful that I have lived my “Carpe Diem” guideline/ promise last January. I believe I spent good times with friends, grabbed chances, lived my life the best possible way I could despite my job’s requirements.

So same guideline “carpe diem” and from what I learned last year I really need to grab chances, make every moment count because “changes” are inevitable. You never know if you could still be going back to the same old friends, you never know if that was actually the last chance. People change, circumstances change… Don’t judge :) because everyone cries at night, everyone has their own drama, everyone has their own share of life’s challenge and so respect!

To sum it up: “Carpe Diem and Simplify Life.”

and from this book I bought- simplify life, SLEEP EARLY!


2014 is Happiness project. Enjoy solitude.

2014 is Happiness project. Enjoy solitude.

I’m done with quarter life crisis- cheers to being 26 this 2014 :)

God will provide, God will take care of us and He wants us to believe in His plans



“Life is short, stay awake.”

desperation SK


“Those who do not learn the lessons of the past are condemned to repeat it.” -SK

My first time to read S. King’s book & I’m sad to admit this “I didn’t like it.” I hope to read a better one; so am I saying that this book is not good? not well-written and worst not interesting? YES! but I managed not to skip any page hoping to like it ( clap, clap) ok so maybe I should at least think of any moral lesson from the story; this fiction thing…filled with clichés (sad)

“Mining is not good.” that’s it :)

I didn’t like the religious aspect too. God is not cruel.






“…When a person stops changing, stops feeling, they die…”  David Carver
from Desperation, by Stephen King p. 607.”  
―     Stephen King,     Desperation





Gone Girl


“My gosh, Nick, why are you so wonderful to me?” But he sad, “because I feel sorry for you.”


“Because every morning you have to WAKE UP and BE YOU.”

Title: Gone Girl

Author: Gillian Flynn

Pages: 415

First book this December :) kinda’ weird eh! My first time to read a book by G. Flynn and I must say she’s a brilliant writer. I think I’m going to read her other books.

So yes she wrote it well, at first I hated the husband and then on the second part I realized how I shouldn’t judge immediately thing is they are both SICK. The ending I guess means “if you’re coward to face reality and do the right thing” then miseries will continue. I pity the baby! their future baby (ahhhh) so WHAT IS PSYCHOPATH?

Lesson? “Know your partner well…” awww scary huh! Oh I miss my Psychology subject/class in college.


Seriously, that’s the ending?



“Give me a man with a little fight in him, a man who calls me on my bullshit. (But who also kind of likes my bullshit.)”  
―     Gillian Flynn,     Gone Girl

“I don’t understand the point of being together if you’re not the happiest.”  
―     Gillian Flynn,     Gone Girl

“You drink a little too much and try a little too hard. And you go home to a cold bed and think, That was fine. And your life is a long line of fine.”  
―     Gillian Flynn,     Gone Girl





Katherine & Katrina

One page of this book hit me hard.

That one page saved this book from being thrown away oppps kidding!
I didn’t like it.
Thing is don’t call your EX especially when you still like or love him/her. Never call. Never make an excuse; just move on! Wait for the “Katherine” meant for you- in the mean time, just say hello to life! ( tell that to yourself, did I hear you say that? Lol)